I help women create a life they will love after Divorce

I am always intrigued as to how people stumble upon my services , for so many years now I have been the missing link for those that are suffering with a broken heart or those searching for a new partner or a place to call home.

Their search has always been for those BIG moments in life and has given me so much experience, and I am truly grateful & blessed to have met so many wonderful people. As I continue on my Journey, I wanted to put all of my experience into something inspirational and worthwhile for all those looking for change.

So maybe right now , you have fallen out of love with your life, or possibly you are going through relationship collapse & your life has been turned upside down?

Or through circumstance your self esteem is on the floor & you have fallen out of love with yourself ?
You have come to the right place

So grab yourself a coffee, relax and let me take you on a journey of Discovery 



Learning to Love yourself again …

Do you want to wake up every morning feeling more excited about the day ahead because you know you are reclaiming your life back?

Would you like to move forward in strides rather than dragging your feet with two steps forward and three steps back?

Do you want to find you again, the person that you know you can be?, and to be realigned with your purpose?

Would you love to start focusing on yourself and have fulfilment return into your life?

Do you want to clear those feelings of unworthiness?

Would you like to stop being busy & achieving nothing?

Without doubt the most isolating part of relationship collapse is the sense of feeling disorganised and confused. When we are part of a couple we have a routine we know exactly where our lives are going , and then suddenly all that has gone and we are left in chaos , the mind and body are out of sync and we feel like we are going crazy.

The good news is, you are not going crazy, you are grieving and that’s the difference.

The Emotional Journey ..

I love empowering women to achieve new goals after Divorce, I can show you how to reach your full potential, spend just 30 minutes with me on the phone and Discover your unique strengths as we start to raise your self esteem, we will discuss where you are now emotionally & where you want to be.

If you are comforting a broken heart, we can start you on the journey of SELF LOVE .. FACE IT,  FEEL IT, HEAL IT.

It’s my job to help you steer your ship through rough or unchartered waters to safe sailing and beyond, by helping you understand the missing pieces in your life and by helping you get the correct course of action in place so that you stop the struggle and start reaching your goals and potential a lot sooner.

Make it Happen

If you know that there is something better out there for you, but you just cant seem to make it happen. I am here to tell you that your new reality is waiting to materialise, and waiting for you to step into.

Sometimes that negative self talk can really sabotage any progress , so with the right mindset so many things can be achieved.


Teresa Welch

Teresa Welch

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