We have all had days during this pandemic where we crave a different view, I am so lucky that I have a large garden and it kept me really busy and focused during the last lockdown. I am grateful, as I know a lot of people are living in apartments and places with no outside space to call their own.

We all know the importance of getting outside and feeling the fresh air and the benefits of walking, which I do on a daily basis whilst I listen to podcasts. It is normally this time of year where I set my vision for the coming year , for example this time last year I had already booked my holidays and arranged weekends away , booked the outside music events and enrolled with a local drama group. Like each & everyone of us , I had big plans for 2020, and I Like many was pleased to see the back of it.

So for 2021 , I am not planning too far ahead which means taking things literally a day at a time, which lets face it offers surprise and spontaneity. Instead I will continue to focus on my garden and my little greenhouse where I lovingly grow potatoes, herbs and attempting winter lettuce ! Mediterranean herbs thyme and sage are fairly new to my collection. Alongside work,  there are lots of online courses available, in the last lockdown I managed to get my diploma in Mindfulness which compliments my life coaching diploma. I have thought about other courses, so I will do some research. As we start to look forward to Spring and better days ahead I’m sure.

So if you are struggling to get motivated ( or to keep your motivation up ) maybe look at things a different way.

Start by writing a list of everything in your life right now that you are grateful for .

On your daily walk , take a different route , see what you notice.

Ask friends and family about things that they have enjoyed lately.

learn something new.

Really challenge those negative thoughts and look for the upside.

when you start to look a things a different way , or by someone else’s perspective, you really do get a new view.