A Personal Journey of Divorce


It was many years ago that I suddenly became divorced not through choice, but by my ex – husband choosing to walk away from our marriage.

Left with two small children, and a stay at home mum, I had to take action and quickly, which let’s face it, when you are comforting a broken heart is pretty hard to do.

One Monday morning I was scouting through the job section of the local paper and there it was an advert for a “Membership Consultant” listing must haves attributes, good listening skills, educated, etc. Intrigued I called the number, and the rest is history, I’m convinced it was fate!

As if by magic I was transported into the Dating industry working for at that time one of the biggest introduction agencies in the UK as a “ Matchmaker “ , previous to having my children I was a recruitment consultant so I had all the skill set just a completely different environment.

I loved it, hand matching men and women who were looking for love. Naturally those were the days before online dating, and people were matched on the same social and education background, likes & dislikes, all rather exciting and the success rate was really high. I have a natural affinity with those looking for love, and over the years have matched many couples. When online dating started getting popular and there was no need for a matchmaking service , I put down my bow & Arrow.

I cannot believe that I have stayed connected to the dating industry in some form or another all these years, hosting speed dating events for speed-dater , organising meet up groups, social events, writing articles and blogs on relationships, hosting a Radio show ” Single in the City ” and so much more.

A few years ago I received my life coaching diploma, I wanted to specialise in supporting women who were going through relationship collapse, as during my time as a matchmaker there was a recurring theme, men and women looking for love when they really were not emotionally ready to have a fulfilling relationship.  I felt I could support them through sharing my knowledge of all the 100’s of people that I have spoken to over the years, my work is unique as I also draw on my own personal experiences.

Somehow, Divorce & Dating has become intertwined I coach women who want to get their life back on track after heartache, and also give advice to those that need a little help in their dating lives.  This works,  as I inspire women to fall back in love with themselves first before entering into a relationship. 

My Mantra has always been ” Love when you’re ready, not when you’re Lonely ” 


It was 6 years ago I set up an online support group ( Suddenly Single ) ,  for those going through relationship collapse , its a safe place which I call The  ” Sanctuary”. Its a  positive group with a great bunch of people in there , all on different stages of their journey.

Suddenly Single Support Group

You can Access the group HERE 


Suddenly Single was my rock when I was going through my separation and divorce. The group were so supportive and I knew that I had a shoulder to cry on (so to speak). There’s only so much information I wanted to share with family and friends who couldn’t really understand what I was going through emotionally. The love, guidance and support from like minded people helped me pick up the pieces on a daily basis. When I found myself on my own in the evenings they were the lifeline that I needed, contact with the outside world. I owe a lot of my new found happiness to the people on Suddenly Single not least to Teresa for setting the page up in the first place. Not only that, I have made some new friends too who I now keep in contact with regularly




The Suddenly Single Facebook group was amazing when I found out about my husbands affair. I was completely devastated, everything was turned upside down and the pain in my heart was so intense I thought I might actually die! I joined the group and all of the members were so very supportive and as everyone had been through similar experiences, everyone understood how I was feeling and helped me immensely in my times of despair (and there were many!)
I’m not sure I would’ve made it through without the group.
I’m very thankful I joined as it showed me you can get through the turmoil with the help, support and understanding of others.
I’m now divorced and happy to say the group got me through to the other side and there really is life after divorce and infidelity! Teresa’s support and knowledge has been a complete breath of fresh air, she encouraged me to keep on going and im glad that I did ! 


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Teresa Welch

Teresa Welch, Life & Mindset Coach

Through my love of coaching, I help women learn how to take control of their lives and succeed , by having a better understanding of who they are and what they want out of life.

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