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Does this sound familiar ? could this be you ?

I finally started dating again, I met this super amazing guy. He was coming over almost every night, he said that I made him feel excited about his life again, and that he was quickly falling for me .
He was supposed to come over tonight, but I’ve not heard from him all afternoon, he’s ignoring my calls and texts.

Finally , just before bedtime he text me to say he was with his EX AND doesn’t think he is over her !!, I knew that I probably wouldn’t be lucky enough to end up with the first person I dated since my break up, but we were so good together. I had no idea that this part post divorce was going to be so difficult !

Here’s the thing about “dating after divorce” , you have to be ready. When you start dating too soon you are going to pick up all the waifs and strays of life, and in particular the guys that are comforting a broken heart and just want some company.

The other thing which is really important, because you have been used to being part of a couple you will easily slip into the ” couple zone ” where everything feels comfortable, you will be used to cooking a meal , going shopping with someone, having a lazy weekend in bed reading the papers. And all you will do is replace your Ex with a “body”, you wont read the signs on compatibility.

AND you really don’t want to introduce anyone into your home for at least a month of dating !

Its really best to wait until you feel confident and ready to wait for what you deserve.