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During the first days when you leave a relationship ( or they leave you ) , can have you in such turmoil and excruciating pain, you feel it will never stop ! the emptiness and loneliness is unbearable.

There are some things that you can do , Let’s get creative ! I am here to tell you that a couple of months down the line you will start to feel better , by making some small changes to your daily routine will help . journal-ling is a great way to get your feelings out, and its healthy to let it all out ! Imagine that long text or email that you keep wanting to send your ex and never do !! or even worse that long text or email that you did send and regretted it ! with journal-ling you wont ever regret it ! its something that you can do just for you, and they wont get those long text messages because YOU are now taking control of how you feel.

Being creative whist going through relationship collapse is a way to get into your psyche , if you feel uncomfortable writing , then pick up a book !, there are some fabulous books out there just ready for you to read , nothing soothes the soul more than getting lost in a book.

Positive things can come from relationship collapse, remembering interests and hobbies that you had before you met your Ex ? , well go ahead and find them again !Uncertainty can be scary , but channelling those negative thoughts into creative pursuits can be liberating and beautiful. Find ways to reignite with your passions , take yourself outside with a camera and click away ! , go for a long walk and talk to strangers , whatever it takes to make you feel better than you do right now !I love vision boards , I have done several over the years and there are some great apps to create on the go now ! And let go of critical self talk !

Everyone loves baking at the moment , so maybe you could try that ! I must admit I tried it during lock down and failed miserably ,  but hey I gave it a go ! 

and that’s what life is all about at the moment , trying new things 😉 


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