Did your relationship end because your partner cheated?and you are struggling to move forward?

Betrayal affects every part of your life, it impacts on your health, your energy and creates Anxiety, Sadness and Rage.

Unhealed Betrayal will result in lack of Trust.

Lets change that.



Learning to let go …

How many people tell you to move on and get over it ?, they cant understand why you are still feeling so hurt and betrayed, weeks, months or maybe years have gone by and you cannot seem to see a future ?.

Your life as you knew it is no more and you feel like you have lost everything ? The person that you was is no more, just a sadness that engulfs you everyday?

The thing that we have to get used to is letting go of the hopes and dreams that we had for the future.

when any relationship ends we have to say good bye not just to the person we loved but the knowing that we are not going to fulfill our plans together, and in many cases the heartache of breaking up the family unit can be devastating.

low confidence


 The next 7 day self esteem challenge starts on

Monday 31st May 2021

This  is for anyone that feels like they need a little boost

A FREE 7 day workbook focusing on self care , boundaries and personal development.

I have a designated Facebook group where I will be doing lives throughout the week to help you complete the workbook.

You can be as active as you wish in this group. Some people like to contribute, whilst others like to be a spectator & complete the workbook in their own time & space.

This Challenge is perfect for those that are struggling with their self worth, through a break up, loss of a job , or just lacking the motivation to stay focused right now. Is that you ? drop me an email , sign up now


The Countdown Begins








This is where the Magic Happens , The 7 Day self esteem challenge


Would you like to

Pay better attention to your thoughts?

Find Acceptance of where you are now?

have less critical self talk?

Stop fearing change?

Start trusting your thoughts again?

Improve your self worth?

Improve your confidence?

Set some new goals?

My Self esteem workbook will help you

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