So the flood gates have opened already, you have found yourself going on your sentimental journey , this is the thing about Christmas it literally sends everyone into emotional meltdown, that uncertainty that resembles slush not quite snow anymore  when it starts to melt, and you start slipping and sliding all over the place unable to gain your balance & control. That’s just how your mind feels.

And you have this theory that if you could just turn back time and make them love you again reading old cards and letters of when you was happy of when you was loved ,before the rain came, before that stranger entered your lives and you was betrayed by love.

Some of you will get a sudden urge to send a text or put pen to paper and send a card expressing your pain, hurt & anger because you want a reaction you want them to know how much they have hurt you and you want them to know that foolishly you still love them, despite everything all the broken little pieces of your heart & life still wants them.

All this is perfectly natural I wouldn’t stop you expressing how you are feeling, it’s your life and you have to do what feels right for you, losing someone you love is hard and all the emotional and financial implications that it causes. And you think that you can’t get through the pain, but you will.

This I will share with you, if they have really moved on and stopped loving you and fallen in love with someone else, you won’t get a response & you won’t get a reply, their loyalty and attention has shifted like drifting snow, and you don’t understand how they could be so cold.

You know that deathly silence that you hear when the heavy snow has just fallen that wonderful, magical sound of silence is the reply that will set you free and put an end to the games that people play with your heart.

Or worse, they offer you “friendship” like it’s a consolation prize, what they are really doing is letting you down gently they are feeling guilty, pity and pretty hopeless. Possibly for selfish reasons they still want you in their life, or they are on their own sentimental journey who knows every situation is different, only you can decide in what part you want to play. But never be jerked around by someone who is not sure who they want to be with.

The thing you have to remember is this, they didn’t choose you, they chose to be with someone else, and you have to learn to stay hopeful and optimistic when your heart’s broken. Don’t expect them to suddenly have a change of heart, because they rarely do, and even if they do it won’t be authentic, you will just be a convenience.

Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story. And while some may take a chapter, others a paragraph, and most no more than a scribbled note or number on a note pad.

Have the confidence to know that one day you will meet someone who will play such an integral role in your life and love you how you deserve to be loved.