Coffee & Coaching …


Reset,  Refocus & RESTART the next three months in this coaching session we will brain storm which area of your life needs a RESET , together we will map out the next three months

Here is what I do best

Help you gain clarity with who you are and what you want from the next phase of your life

Help you navigate new beginnings

Create a plan to help you see your unique path

Coach you to regain purpose and map out your next steps

I love helping women who are feeling disorientated / disorganised 



Coffee & Coaching Reset

Inspirational coaching mapping out the next 3 months £150

My Mindset Masterclass

mindset masterclass

Recently I have prepared a mindset workbook which I use as a tool to help those of you that are struggling with anxiety. It’s amazing how we can regain clarity when we are in the right mindset. For many of us right now just need a little bit of support to get us through difficult times.

The Cost for this one to one Coaching is £250 for 3 hours 

Dating after Divorce


Have you tried online dating and beginning to think you will never meet anyone decent as you have no idea why you keep meeting totally incompatible men ?

or worse you cant even get past the first phone call without never hearing from them again ?

Do you wonder why everyone else seems to be meeting someone, and here you are trawling through profiles on a Saturday night ?

Do you need some advice on how to write an eye catching profile ?

Are you feeling nervous about the dating game and need an insight in to how it all works ?

Possibly you have been married for a long time and suddenly found yourself single and think it is time to get back out there, but your self esteem has taken a nose dive !

If you don’t feel worthy or deserving , you wont feel attractive!

Lets change all that !

What are people looking for in a profile, and what is a first great message to send? Those are just two of the topics we’ll discuss during this coaching experience which will show you how to supercharge your online dating profile.

I hope after the 30 minute call with me you will realise there is LOVE after divorce, as I gently guide you to shine bright and regain your personal life .

online dating

The Personal Touch

Having difficulty writing an interesting profile? You cannot think of anything to say?

You hate speaking about yourself ?,  then let me write it for you.

We will have a chat on the phone where I learn all about you and then I write the profile for you.

I will also give you some recommendations of  which online sites to use, and which ones to avoid ! and how to navigate them.

The cost for this is £50

Teresa has helped me understand myself, on my road to being happily single, I learnt where I was going wrong, dating before I was ready ! Learning to cope with a strong heart and a strong attitude towards the ex, Knowing there are others who will understand what you are going through. That its ok to mourn someone who probably doesn’t deserve your head space but you deserve to mourn because you need to heal .
So many things to understand how to survive afterwards and its heart warming, and I feel safe to share how I feel with Teresa. I do think its vital that people have that connection to communicate their feelings after or during most probably one of the most challenging and life changing situation of their lives. Without that connection people suffer more.  Teresa provides a relief and a learning process within her group and her one to ones.

 Teresa gave me ideas on how to manage my feelings and that they were completely normal. Before this I felt alone and sorry for myself. In the support group I met people who had been through similar experiences made me
challenge myself and my situation. I have given advice and supported other people in the group, male and female on the site and made good friends.
Teresa has given her words of wisdom and advice on signs and red flags which is always useful and made me aware of things I was doing or my ex.
Hindsight and awareness prevents silly mistakes but helps build confidence in stepping out in the dating arena.
Everyone needs a woman like her in their life … 

low confidence

 The next 7 Day Self esteem challenge starts on

Monday 31st May 2021 


This  is for anyone that feels like they need a little boost

A FREE 7 day workbook focusing on self care , boundaries and personal development.

I have a designated Facebook group where I will be doing lives throughout the week to help you complete the workbook.

You can be as active as you wish in this group. Some people like to contribute, whilst others like to be a spectator & complete the workbook in their own time & space.

This Challenge is perfect for those that are struggling with their self worth, through a break up, loss of a job , or just lacking the motivation to stay focused right now. Is that you ? drop me an email , sign up now.

The Countdown Begins








This is where the Magic Happens , The 7 Day self esteem challenge


Would you like to

Pay better attention to your thoughts?

Find Acceptance of where you are now?

have less critical self talk?

Stop fearing change?

Start trusting your thoughts again?

Improve your self worth?

Improve your confidence?

Set some new goals?

My Self esteem workbook will help you

Sign up for the 7 day challenge

Trust the timing of your life

If you dont make that change now you may never know how beautiful your life can really be 

Get ahead in your personal life

If you are feeling off track and your self esteem has taken a nose dive , lets connect 

divorce support

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