Weekend Blues .. - Love Life Coach

Weekends are so hard when you are going through Divorce, I remember my worst times were visiting the supermarket at the weekends seeing all the families in there doing their weekly shop, I physically dreaded it as I wandered around picking up food and trying to avoid the couples. The thing is when you are going through any break up you look at other peoples relationships with starry eyes imagining that everyone is blissfully happy, which of-course they are not, but it just seems that way when you are home alone having a pity party for one ! Where the deep sorrow tends to start on a Friday night where you remember happier times when they used to come home from work on a Friday night and whisk you off to some romantic restaurant, lazy Saturday morning lie ins and blissfully hazy summer Sundays, sounds idyllic doesn’t it ? was the reality like that ? probably not !
So now you sit there at weekends going over the memories in your mind and desperately trying to work out how they can stop loving you, and why they never mentioned their unhappiness pretending that everything is fine, and then leave just like that , no warning, gone !

That’s the hard part not ever knowing the truth, never getting that closure and never getting those answers that we all seek.


Weekends are for self care in the initial stages of a break up even though you could be missing them you have to think about preserving your emotional energy.

It is so hard not to reach out to them hoping that they may give you some hope and a little acknowledgement of how you are feeling, and you wait patiently for an apology that never comes.  

Try not to focus on what they could be doing , its so easy to sit there & imagine they are doing this or that having great plans and you are sitting home alone. Fantasising about their life is not going to do you any good and it wont change the situation. 

So try and keep as busy as possible get so busy creating a new life that you dont have time to miss them at the weekends.